A Simple Way to Search within Windchill® PDMLink

WindAccess Economics.

A Simple Way to Search within Windchill® PDMLink

WindAccess is a simple search interface intended for users outside of the Engineering Department who need to find files fast in Windchill® or any other PLM or document management system.

Search configurations are handled on the back-end.  All users have to do is type the name, number, or attribute value and select “enter” – no complex advanced searches needed.

Role-Based Searches

Flexible .XML configuration capabilities on the back end allow you to define the criteria for front-end users based on such variables as “Group”, or “Role”. You can also search by Lifecycle State such as “IN Work”, or “Released”.

Examples Include

  • Manufacturing Group:  Search for “Released” CAD Documents and Drawings
  • Managers Group:  Search for “IN Work” documents and CAD drawings
  • Sales Group:  Limit search for “Released” CAD Drawings and Sales Docs

Search on Types

For added control, searches on File Types are controlled on the back-end. Eccellent Solutions can set up the initial configuration, or we can work with your engineers to set it up based on the profiles of your different audiences and their access needs.

Just Point and Click

On the front-end, at the user interface, stakeholders define their search criteria through a simple, easy pull-down that provides them only the options that are available to them according to established controls.

User Problem Reports

Instead of disrupting Engineering with a question or concern, users can email the administrator directly for help. (Note: If Eccellent is your Administrator, we can field those questions.)

No Disruptions

An added feature is the ability for users to create “Problem Reports” from the Search results. All you need to do is right-click the object.

Direct File Access

In combination with custom Visualization Publishing, WindAccess provides direct access to the published content files in the search results. You need to access and retrieve documents and drawings without becoming an application expert.

Pop-Out Details

Users can also view metadata by simply moving the mouse over the information icon to produce “Pop-Out Details”.

What are you waiting for? Let us simplify your searches with WindAccess.

WindAccess vs. “The Other Guy”

For Sales and Manufacturing stakeholders you might only want them to see “Latest Release” vs. all releases. Note the targeted, “Latest Release Only” documents returned in the WindAccess search vs. the “kitchen sink” returns from “The Other Guy”. “Other Guy” could have a problem they don’t want.

Your stakeholders will appreciate the simplicity.