Product Lifecycle Management

After over 10 years of helping companies support and build their PLM solutions,
now Eccellent Solutions can also sell you the software that can get you more productive.


Windchill offers breakthrough Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities– unleashing more data about your products to more stakeholders throughout your organization– for PLM that is smart, connected, flexible and complete.

Windchill Capabilities.

  • BOM Management

  • Configuration and Change Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Quality

  • Platform Structures

  • Product Data Management

  • Collaboration

  • Integration & Standards

With Windchill, your organization will improve product quality by connecting teams directly to live operational data. You’ll also reduce IT burden and overhead while ensuring accessibility and security with both on-premise and cloud deployment options. PTC’s Windchill is a true end-to-end PLM platform that is IoT-ready.

What’s New in Windchill

Experience better collaboration, closed-loop quality, and concurrent manufacturing.

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PTC ThingWorx Navigate

Teams across your organization need earlier access to product data to meet ever-decreasing product cycles and outpace growing competition. Yet enterprise systems can be difficult for non-expert users to access and understand.

ThingWorx Navigate connects directly to your enterprise systems giving all stakeholders access to the latest, most accurate product information when they need it. And you can enable all this without training as the solution is role-based and features a simple user interface.

  • Role-based data access – Engineers shouldn’t have to be the sole keeper of your product data. Anyone can use these self-service apps; they are purpose built for the role or task of the user.

  • Single access point to all product data – Bring together existing product data with data from other enterprise systems. How nice would it be to have a single window to all of your product data? And, what if your supply chain could see through this window too?

  • Modern, self-service interface – No training? No problem. These apps are easy to consume and require no training to use.

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