Augmented Reality (AR)

Learn how leading industrial enterprises are already using Augmented Reality to control costs, streamline operations and revolutionize service


Elevate Your Industrial IoT Solutions with Augmented Reality

The value of the industrial IoT is realized through meaningful user engagement. Enhancing IoT with AR experiences creates insights for users-and opportunities for businesses to improve outcomes.

ThingWorx-powered AR experiences deliver actionable visualizations. Intuitive design tools enable rapid AR creation and deployment for desktop, mobile and wearable devices.

ThingWorx Capabilities

  • Transform digital and physical product data into actionable information through rich, dynamic experiences

  • Create experiences in minutes with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface to achieve fast, timely insights

  • Simplify access to AR experiences using a single, universal AR viewer application with any uniquely identified object

  • Deliver more complete experiences by adding real-time industrial IoT data and analytics, 3D content, CAD data and other 3rd party data

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The Vuforia platform is the most widely used software platform for augmented reality applications on handheld and headworn devices.  For developers, it delivers a cross platform solution for attaching digital content to physical objects and environments.  For consumers and businesses, it provides a communications solution for remote assistance and collaboration.

Meet the Vuforia Industrial AR family

Connect the digital and physical worlds and invite users to seamlessly interact with both. You’ll transform more than just products, operations and services. You’ll transform your business.

Whether you need custom solutions or the ability to scale rapidly, Vuforia delivers with three industry leading products: 

  • Engine – Develop custom cross-platform AR applications

  • Studio – Rapidly create and deploy scalable AR content

  • Chalk – Collaborate in real-time with 3D annotation

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What’s New in ThingWorx

ThingWorx Studio is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for creating, deploying and consuming game-changing AR experiences in the enterprise. Easily leverage existing 3D content and integrate IoT and enterprise systems data without needing to write a line of code ─ effectively spending a fraction of the time and money typically needed to implement AR.

  • A new protocol adapter toolkit for MQTT enables easy connection to IoT devices using MQTT and custom protocols
  • Significant productivity and style power for Mashups made possible with the addition of a CSS Editor and Collection Widget
  • NextGen Composer enhancements improve efficiency of application development
  • Standalone deployments now offer native Windows installers in addition to Linux
  • New distributed server deployment option enables deployments to be easily scaled via web-based user interface to meet business and performance requirements
  • ThingWorx Analytics Trial Edition is now available for both Windows and Linux environments
  • New spatial tracking widget provides the ability to do “table-top” augmented reality anywhere
  • Support for model (CAD)-based tracking enables users to create overlay AR experiences that don’t require a ThingMark
  • Hands-free animation playback simplifies usability by allowing users to easily pause and restart animated sequences
  • Documentation and critical functionality are now easily updated based on a recent review of the licensing journey
  • Major and minor product upgrades no longer require a new license file, simplifying upgrade processes
  • Customers can build a simple, clear licensing portal experience that reduces product deployment friction

Introducing ThingWorx Apps

It’s easy to get started on your industrial innovation journey with pre-built applications and extensions from PTC and our technology partners.

ThingWorx Navigate

Make better product decisions and improve development by insuring stakeholders have the latest, most accurate product information.

ThingWorx Manufacturing App

Solve common problems in the factory and empower your staff to remotely monitor servers and reduce costly downtime.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor

Empower your users and service technicians to remotely monitor, manage and service connected field assets with real-time alerts.

PTC Marketplace

Accelerate your industrial innovation with 3rd party extensions, technologies and services specifically designed for ThingWorx.

AR Capabilities in Creo

New capabilities in Creo allow you to manage access to the AR experiences you create. You have the power of AR in every seat of Creo. With a few clicks, you can author and publish an AR experience from right inside your model.