Software Development

It’s not just about how enterprise software is built… It’s about how well the applications fit your business.

When it comes to enterprise software and your business needs, out of box (OOB) functionality works for about 80% of your use cases.  The trouble is, 80% of your business runs across the remaining 20% of your use cases!  Sometimes your requirements are too important to adjust to the OOB functionality.

Case Study #1

Add-on module for R&D inventory control

A client’s R&D inventory of mock-ups and test modules could not be managed properly in the PLM system of choice.  Eccellent Solutions developed an add-on module that enabled significantly better inventory control, and tracking of additions, modifications, updates, and improvements.

Case Study #2

ECN Workflow Complexity Management

A large Aerospace and Defense contractor needed a special way to manage and route Engineering Change Orders.  With the company’s PLM Software capabilities limited in their ability to flex to meet the client’s standard requirements, Eccellent Solutions designed a special management function within the existing software’s ECN module, freed up the bottleneck, and enabled the client to move forward with their product engineering process.

Case Study #3

Simplified Engineering Promotion Process

The OOB promotion process that allows users to choose between approval routes was cumbersome, protracted, and more confusing than rational for this particular client. Eccellent Solutions evaluated the problem and installed a simple check-box functionality that gave the user one-touch promotion capability and enabled effective approvals management with rather elegant simplicity.

Case Study #4

Complex, multi-department, multi-cycle development and approvals process

When faced with object approval requests that required a more complex routing scheme than the native functionality of the software would allow, the Department of the Navy turned to Eccellent.  Working with several Navy departments and personnel to gather requirements from each approval entity, Eccellent Solutions designed a custom process in the application that would route a custom “TSR” (Technical Service Request) object from the requestor through various different personnel levels and departments to gather further requirements.  The process also enabled the population of supplemental attributes, the attachment of multiple approval documents, and the completion of the approvals cycle. 

We also created additional custom workflows in support of routing for assignment, specific actions on the objects, and final review .  Overall, the process allowed for multiple cycles and iterations of actions and approvals. This was done according to straightforward rules and procedures until the final sign-off was achieved.  On the whole, the Eccellent process shaved several days off the execution and approval of each object, which amounted to significant efficiencies for Uncle Sam.