“Recently Accessed” for speed and efficiency

Here’s a great tip for working with Windchill: when you’re in a time crunch or you want to avoid navigating through Windchill to find your current work, the Recently Accessed drop-down menu is your best friend. Likewise, you may not have even noticed this handy little device on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

The Recently Accessed drop-down shows you a list of all the objects (Documents, Drawings, Parts, Change Notices, Change Tasks, Products/Projects/Programs, etc.) that you’ve most recently viewed, created or edited. Similar to the Updates table on your Home Page, this light-weight menu can be accessed from anywhere without having to constantly go back to the beginning.

Recently Accessed
Recently Accessed

Just create a Change Notice and forgot to make note of the Number? Don’t waste time digging around; click your Recently Accessed drop-down menu from anywhere in Windchill and quickly grab the Number.

You can even change the preference for how many objects are displayed in the drop-down menu. To do this, click on Quick Links in the upper right-hand corner then go to My Settings -> Preferences.

Expand the Preferences, and under Display look for Recently Visited List Size. Highlight this row and right-click -> Set preference. By default the list is set to 15 but this number can be changed to meet your needs. Note: your Windchill Administrator may have set a maximum value-limit for items in the list.

This should save you significant time and frustration, and help you to better think like Einstein.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this feature in Windchill and can apply it to your day-to-day activities.

Recently Accessed Reporting


About the Author:

Rob has over 25 years of experience providing leadership in the development and delivery of services centered on PDM and PLM support for the range of PTC products, Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle Agile, Autodesk, Cadence, and multiple CAD programs. Rob has extensive experience on both sides of the service engagement having worked as a Draftsman, Designer and Design Engineer in the Semi-Conductor and Electronics Packaging field, and as Service Engineer at a Value Added Reseller.

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