MIDAS Reporting

Meaningful Intelligence Dashboard Application System


MIDAS Dashboards

When you need an executive view that enables evaluation of your strategies, and progress towards your goals and objectives, MIDAS is configured to return the results you need to steer your organization toward success – updated at the click of a mouse.

  • Get instant visibility into all systems

  • Visualize productivity and performance

  • Spot and correct negative trends

  • Evaluate operational efficiencies

  • Make insightful decisions

  • Align goals and strategies

  • Save time

  • Identify and track key decision points

  • Follow improvement initiatives

  • Assess impact of cost-drivers

MIDAS Point Reporting

When you’re tracking Product Context across multiple products, libraries, and projects, MIDAS manages the view, count, and frequency by Part, Document, User(s), and Groups.

  • Focus on specific action items

  • Evaluate targeted trends

  • Concentrate resources and attention

  • Pinpoint opportunities

  • Investigate key pain areas

  • Track progress of performance improvement initiatives

  • Gain insight into operational and functional relationships

How can MIDAS help?

Visual access accelerates decision-making, improves decision outcomes, drives costs down, and productivity up.  Whether you’re looking for snap-shots, cross-sections, trends, a combination, or some other presentation, Eccellent Solutions MIDAS reporting makes it easy.

Additionally, MIDAS produces simple graphical reports based on the variables you choose and makes them accessible in your application.  So, this isn’t a new swivel-chair business intelligence application.  It’s the reports you need, when you need them, where you need them, how you need them.

products midas reporting

You’re in charge of the content and the view.

You can configure MIDAS to reflect Executive views, Management views, or Individual views. Plus, MIDAS can be modeled to present production by Business Unit, Geography, Group, or your specific requirements, covering multiple variables, or just one. MIDAS can show you count, frequency, and duration of productivity, or some combination of those and so much more!