Case Study #3: Free Two-Version Upgrade.


An aerospace and defense company needed a quick, inexpensive version upgrade of their Windchill PDMLink from 10.0 to version 10.2.


Because they’re an ongoing customer, and Eccellent is providing Tier Two services, the upgrade was performed at no charge.  When Eccellent has significant familiarity with the systems, we can address the problems before they happen. Then we factor any unforeseen issues into the cost of the upgrade.  In this case, we knew where all the problems were. We were able to install WC 10.2 and upgrade the processing from WC 10.0 accordingly.

IN ADDITION to completing the upgrade with little to no business disruption, Eccellent Solutions also developed a custom Promotion process AND a custom Change Management process designed to save the customer processing time and money, and improve productivity.