The iPLM Process – How do you PLM?

We have built the iPLM Process into our Managed Services Remote PLM Solutions.  This unique approach helps mitigate a lot of the upfront costs and risks associated to long-term implementation projects.  This approach also helps control overall project costs and allows for an ‘Agile Project Management’ approach to the total PLM implementation and ongoing management.  Annual Contracts paid monthly (Think Operational Expense as opposed to Capital Expense).  As a result, by incorporating the iPLM Process into our Managed Services, customers save between 20%-30% off on their total PLM implementation costs.

Most companies we work with utilize the minimal functions of their PLM systems – some companies simply use their PLM as a data repository for CAD files, while others simply us their PLM as the ‘PDF Drawing’ control system – whereas the PDF of the CAD Drawing becomes the master document. So let’s look at what we can do to make PLM a true ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ system. We call this process the “iPLM” or the ‘integrated Product Lifecycle Management’ process.