See how our iPLM Process (Integrated Product Lifecycle Management) can save up to 30% on your total PLM implementation costs. This unique approach also helps control overall project costs and allows for an ‘Agile Project Management’ approach to the total PLM implementation and ongoing management.

The iPLM process allows companies to quickly scale and integrate their PLM system to meet the increasing global demands of product development


The Best-in-Class companies are extending and expanding their usage of PLM capabilities, integrating their business units and moving to a single system at a faster pace than laggards. These organizations are outperforming their peers by a significant margin.

– Aberdeen Group, March 2018



of hitting product date targets



2-year product first-pass yield improvement rate, compared
with the Industry Average.



of products meeting product development budgets



year-over-year engineering productivity improvement rate compared to the industry average



of products hitting quality targets at launch

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Find out how our iPLM Assessment is the first step on the path to improving your PLM process.

What Motivates Companies to Choose iPLM?

  • Single, Searchable Vault for All Product Information
    Searchable, manageable and secure access to all product documents and data

  • Change & Process Management
    Managing ECO/ECN processes for targeted notification for improved productivity and reduced cost

  • Product Configuration Management
    Managing EBOM/MBOM relationships and communications for increased productivity and reduced cost

  • Multi-site and Global Deployments
    Add multiple and/or global engineering sites for concurrent design and collaboration

  • Enterprise Connectivity
    ERP connectivity for parts and product cost management

  • Project Management
    Project planning and resource management for cost reduction and on-time delivery

  • Product Quality Management
    Risk & reliability management
    Customer feedback metrics and action

  • Parts and Supplier Management
    Broadly searchable to eliminate re-creation of existing part drawings and data while reducing parts cost

  • ECAD Connectivity
    Manage Cadence, Altium, or Mentor Graphics data all in the same location.

  • Publishing and Managing Technical Illustrations and Data and/or Engineering Calculation Management
    Automating technical designs, illustrations and text for marketing communications and product support


Our iPLM Assessment is the first step on the path to improving your PLM process.
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