The Costs of Empty Software Support Seats

Windchill System Administration is critical.  But finding candidates…?

It’s a Jungle out there!

Filling an empty Windchill System Administration seat is no easy trick. Less than 3.1% unemployment means good help is hard to find. When you do find the right talent, filling the seat is expensive. It’s a seller’s market, so keeping the seat filled is no certainty. But not filling it is not an option. Without that seat product development support and performance is suffering. Quality is suffering. Your budget is suffering. Also, Stakeholders are suffering. Plus your customers are suffering.

hold onto your butts

And your system is becoming a Dinosaur.

We’ve referenced studies from MITThe Society for Human Resource ManagementUS NewsInc. Magazine, and Glassdoor to put some numbers up. The longer a system goes unmanaged, the more it costs. Take a look:

Column 0Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
Cost DriverMultiplierTotal CostCost DriverMultiplierTotal Cost
Industrywide Unemployment Rate3.1%[2]Hard to hire & retain quality candidatesYour Company’s Unemployment Rate0%No HC to manage:
SLA’s drive relationship
Salary1x$90,000[3]Tier Two services1x$90,000[4]
Employee Carrying Costs and Benefits1.25x Salary[5]+$112,500Employment Carrying Costs and Benefits$0
Attrition Mgt.68.3%x Salary[6]+$61,500Attrition Mgt.$0
Productivity Gap62.5%x Salary[7]+$78,750[8]Productivity Gap0%$0
Total$342,750 $90,000 

That’s a lot of money!

Bottom Line:  an empty WC System Administration seat is not worth the cost.

Eccellent Solutions has a 12-year track record and 99% customer retention rate managing Windchill System Administration from remote. We’re doing the right things and doing things right. Whether we run the system, or partner with your established WC team, you’ll see improved performance and reduced risk immediately.

  • Don’t manage Windchill SysAdmin vacancies and empty seats that could linger for years.
  • Push the problem to the Opex line and save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Get this off your to-do list!  Move on to bigger and better things with confidence, knowing that…

Eccellent Solutions covers your seat!

(We’re fully U.S. based and support Teamcenter as well as CREO and multiple other CAD systems)

But don’t just take my word for it….