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How do you ‘PLM’?

How do you 'PLM'? According to Wikipedia, PLM came from American Motors Corporation (AMC) as a way to speed up its product development process and to compete with larger competitors in 1985. So, is PLM speeding up your product development process? Is [...]

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“Recently Accessed” for speed and efficiency

"Recently Accessed" for Speed and Efficiency Here’s a great tip for working with Windchill: when you’re in a time crunch or you want to avoid navigating through Windchill to find your current work, the Recently Accessed drop-down menu is your best friend. [...]

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The Costs of Empty Software Support Seats

The Costs of Empty Software Support Seats Windchill System Administration is critical.  But finding candidates…? It’s a Jungle out there! Filling an empty Windchill System Administration seat is no easy trick. Less than 3.1% unemployment means good help is hard to find. When you do [...]

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Cool Windchill Reporting

Cool Windchill Reporting Windchill Reporting is about to get a whole lot easier! Eccellent Solutions understands the problems with Windchill reporting.  Therefore, we’re bridging the gaps between hammering out reports, and leveraging business intelligence. As a result of our efforts, [...]

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Reusable Thinking: Windchill Garbage Management

Reusable Thinking: Windchill Garbage Management What is "Windchill Garbage Management"? Recently I came across an interesting article on the memory tuning of enterprise applications in general.  Ram’s primary focus is on Latency, Throughput, and Footprint as key performance indicators (KPIs) that can tell you how [...]

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The Flip-side of Moore’s Law

The Flip-side of Moore's Law If you’re noticing that your Enterprise System and Business Administration capabilities are literally dis-integrating [sic], there’s a reason for that.  With every advance in computing power, greater sophistication and specialization is required to manage the inputs [...]

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Application Performance Management – Taking out the garbage.

Application Performance Management - Taking out the garbage Application Performance Management is like taking out the garbage. Actually, it’s more like my son taking out the garbage: It’s his chore; he knows it’s full, he can see that it’s full, he waits anyway, [...]

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