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Rob has over 25 years of experience providing leadership in the development and delivery of services centered on PDM and PLM support for the range of PTC products, Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle Agile, Autodesk, Cadence, and multiple CAD programs. Rob has extensive experience on both sides of the service engagement having worked as a Draftsman, Designer and Design Engineer in the Semi-Conductor and Electronics Packaging field, and as Service Engineer at a Value Added Reseller.

Globalization in a PLM World


by: Rob Kennedy, President Managing and controlling the entire Product Development Process (PDP), or the process that takes a product from concept to market, can be quite a task. There are a few questions we ask during an assessment before tackling this [...]

Globalization in a PLM World2018-10-03T14:18:27+00:00
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How do you ‘PLM’?


According to Wikipedia, PLM came from American Motors Corporation (AMC) as a way to speed up its product development process and to compete with larger competitors in 1985. So, is PLM speeding up your product development process? Is your company using the [...]

How do you ‘PLM’?2018-09-21T18:44:55+00:00
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“Recently Accessed” for speed and efficiency


Here’s a great tip for working with Windchill: when you’re in a time crunch or you want to avoid navigating through Windchill to find your current work, the Recently Accessed drop-down menu is your best friend. Likewise, you may not have even noticed this handy [...]

“Recently Accessed” for speed and efficiency2018-09-21T17:01:51+00:00

The Costs of Empty Software Support Seats


Windchill System Administration is critical.  But finding candidates…? It’s a Jungle out there! Filling an empty Windchill System Administration seat is no easy trick. Less than 3.1% unemployment means good help is hard to find. When you do find the right talent, filling the seat is [...]

The Costs of Empty Software Support Seats2018-09-21T16:43:56+00:00
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Cool Windchill Reporting


Windchill Reporting is about to get a whole lot easier! Eccellent Solutions understands the problems with Windchill reporting.  Therefore, we’re bridging the gaps between hammering out reports, and leveraging business intelligence. As a result of our efforts, you can now get [...]

Cool Windchill Reporting2018-09-21T16:39:17+00:00
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System Clean-up – Wait! Before you hit that button…


Let’s just review where you are and what got you here… It’s the morning routine: you swipe your badge, grab a cup of coffee, pick up the paper, assume the position on the pedestal of productivity, do a surround check – everything’s [...]

System Clean-up – Wait! Before you hit that button…2018-09-21T16:20:31+00:00
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System Administration – 7 Investments


What's happening to System Administration?! 7 Reasons you should invest in Sys Admin (and some you don't…) Enterprise System Administration capabilities and responsibilities are fragmenting at a rapid rate.  As a result, they're literally growing apart. With advances in Information Technology capabilities, plus more [...]

System Administration – 7 Investments2018-09-21T15:55:14+00:00
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System Administrator Fact 1: You run on IT


System Administrator Fact 1: “Your Business Runs on IT.” When you manage your company’s own information super highway you carry the cost of infrastructure support. If the pavement is fresh and new it’s all about smooth sailing. It’s a Productivity Zone! You forget how [...]

System Administrator Fact 1: You run on IT2018-09-21T15:35:15+00:00
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System Administration Fact 2: It’s the Data, Stupid.


System Administration is important. Data and Information Security, System Uptime, Throughput, Configuration, and Processing Capability, all are the primary responsibilities of the System Administrator. They have a huge impact on corporate productivity and the bottom line. Wait! Did I just say, “Information Security is [...]

System Administration Fact 2: It’s the Data, Stupid.2018-09-21T15:21:29+00:00
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System Administration Fact 3: They have special capabilities


Your System Administration capabilities are specialized. But not necessarily in a good way. Five things cause this: System Administration Fact 4, Fact 5, Fact 6, Fact 7, and Evolution. Twenty years ago the number of business functions covered by an ERP system was about [...]

System Administration Fact 3: They have special capabilities2018-09-21T15:11:06+00:00
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System Administrator Fact 4: They’re hard to find


A Good System Administrator is hard to find. As a result, most publications have the average unemployment rate for the System Administrator sector hovering somewhere between 2% and 3%, but closer to 2% - which is L-O-W, and often translates to high turnover due [...]

System Administrator Fact 4: They’re hard to find2018-09-21T14:52:44+00:00
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System Administration Fact 5: They’re mostly entry level


System Administration is typically an entry level position. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who have made a nice career of being a SysAdmin. But not by staying in the role that teaches them to monitor, report, repair, and improve your data management [...]

System Administration Fact 5: They’re mostly entry level2018-09-21T14:43:38+00:00
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System Administrator Fact 6: They get the Itch


Average System Administrator tenure is about seven years. Aaah, the seven-year itch! The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOLS) parks the midpoint for “longevity in a System Administration career” at somewhere between five and nine years. So let’s say it’s seven. Seven years of exposure [...]

System Administrator Fact 6: They get the Itch2018-09-21T14:32:23+00:00
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System Administrator, Fact 7: They’re expensive


According to the BOLS data, average annual salary for a “Network and Computer System Administrator” (job code 15-1142) is upwards of $80K (this is a National average, mind you. Local salaries may differ based on a particular geography). What’s more, the cost of System [...]

System Administrator, Fact 7: They’re expensive2018-09-21T14:33:00+00:00
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The Flip-side of Moore’s Law


If you’re noticing that your Enterprise System and Business Administration capabilities are literally dis-integrating [sic], there’s a reason for that.  With every advance in computing power, greater sophistication and specialization is required to manage the inputs and outputs vis a vis the [...]

The Flip-side of Moore’s Law2018-09-21T13:16:36+00:00
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Application Performance Management – Taking out the garbage.


Application Performance Management is like taking out the garbage. Actually, it’s more like my son taking out the garbage: It’s his chore; he knows it’s full, he can see that it’s full, he waits anyway, he’s preoccupied. There are “more important things” on his [...]

Application Performance Management – Taking out the garbage.2018-09-21T12:59:29+00:00


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