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For over a decade Eccellent Solutions has been delivering superior Product Lifecycle Management and enterprise Application Performance consulting and support. In fact, our clients include companies across a wide range of manufacturing industries, from Aerospace and Defense to Medical Devices.

Our strong reputation is rooted in a service ethos that drives us to work with our clients as partners: enabling their success by first understanding their business needs, and then ensuring that mission-critical applications and systems are up and available when needed, as needed.

We help our customers digitalize & integrate their product lifecycle management so that they can leverage existing data for more value, enable better collaboration internally and externally, ultimately to drive innovation and decrease the time it takes to get products to the market

Our software support experience includes CAD, PDM/PLM, ERP, Manufacturing Execution, Supply Chain Management, CRM, and Service Lifecycle systems. Application performance doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our support includes coverage of the underlying enterprise IT infrastructure: network, storage, servers, virtual machines, operating systems, databases, and middleware. If it influences product data management success, we cover it. Different service tiers cover different levels of infrastructure engagement. Talk to your Eccellent Representative about what’s right for you.


Our clients include companies across a wide range of manufacturing industries, from Aerospace and Defense to Medical Devices.


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ROBERT KENNEDYFounder and President

Rob has over 25 years of experience providing leadership in the development and delivery of services centered on PDM and PLM support for the range of PTC products, Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle Agile, Autodesk, Cadence, and multiple CAD programs.
He also has extensive experience on both sides of the service engagement having worked as a Draftsman, Designer and Design Engineer in the Semi-Conductor and Electronics Packaging field, and as Service Engineer at a Value Added Reseller.

Rob also carries certifications in Implementation, Data Migration, Light and Heavy Customizations, ESI & Integration, and Training for Windchill PDMLink, ProjectLink, MPMLink, PartsLink and Pro/ENGINEER (Creo). Coupled with the fact that he’s a PMP and Oracle certified in Database Administration and Agile PLM.

ROBERT PEIRCEDirector, Managed Services

Robert’s experience in information technology spans more than 15 years and covers the full spectrum of responsibilities, from Helpdesk Analyst to IT Management. He’s played pivotal technical and organizational leadership roles in companies as small as four IT engineers, to IT teams for corporations larger than 100,000 employees in both the Healthcare and Engineering sectors.

Equally, his engineering IT Management background extends from network infrastructure design and build, to storage and SAN design and support, to hardware installation and maintenance – servers virtual machines, Operating Systems, Database management, etc. He’s proficient with pro-active system monitoring, in-depth troubleshooting, firewall development, deployment, and management, and the implementation and support of enterprise level applications, such as Windchill and electronic health records (EHR). But his passion is customer service, and in every engagement, in every encounter he delivers top notch solutions, implemented in the most cost effective manner, creating lasting value and scalability for the enterprise.

ROBERT SINDELARDirector, Professional Services

Bob Sindelar has been delivering value in PTC Windchill service and support delivery since version 8.0 across everything from data migration, to enterprise implementation, to project leadership. Focusing on engineering change and configuration management, Bob’s unique understanding of the requirements for extracting business value from corporate PLM investments is effectively counterbalanced by his ability to apply them for immediate benefit to the customer.

Additionally, he is proficient with multiple modules of PDMLink – including ProjectLink, PartsLink, SuMa, and ERPConnector – and has implementation experience spanning such process support and compliance domains as engineering data access controls, workflows, lifecycles, type and attribute management, reporting, vault configuration, and much more. Bob has also been pivotal in the development of Eccellent’s MIDAS Reporting tool. Data migration is also a strong-suite for Bob, who has moved objects through various tools and interfaces, including the Pro/INTRALINK Data Migrator, the Windchill LoadFromFile framework, the Legend CAD loader, and the Windchill Bulk Migrator.

PATRICK SPRINGFIELDRegional Manager, Sales & Marketing

With 15+ plus years of experience helping companies solve critical business problems, Patrick Springfield has built a unique skill set and knowledge base that has helped companies win in the market place by identifying key areas for improvement, orchestrating strategic solutions and developing partnerships among key stake holders to ensure success.  Patrick’s deep understanding of enterprise sales, combined with a strong technical understanding of product life cycle management and product development, has provided a foundation to provide strategic value and advice to companies in the discrete manufacturing industry.

Patrick is responsible for business development at Eccellent Solutions, building partner and customer relationships, as well as managing the sales and marketing department.

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