8 Questions About Our Managed Services

Thinking about having Eccellent manage your Windchill system? Below are the top 8 questions asked about our Managed Services.

1. What is the benefit of using Eccellent’s Windchill Managed Services versus hiring someone internally?

Eccellent Solutions provides highly qualified engineers to troubleshoot issues, as well as make improvements.  You never have to guess about the quality of the services you are receiving.

2. Isn’t it more cost effective to hire someone to provide internal Windchill support?

Actually, no, that is because typically an internal Windchill team will only be a few employees or in some cases only one employee.  Eccellent Solutions provides an entire technical team to support your environment.  A team member will always to be available to address your issue.  In addition, our team collaborates internally to always come up with the best solution for your issue or project goals.

No need to worry about someone being on vacation!  We have the staff here to cover you and will always respond.  Our average response time on end user requests is within 15 minutes.  There will be no lost labor hours while you wait days or weeks for someone to return from vacation or sick time.

3. What if we have an issue on a weekend or holiday?

We offer 24/7 extended support, so you do not have to ever worry about extended downtime during production hours for international offices or domestic offices in a different time zone.

4. Can you provide hosting for my Windchill system?

Yes! Eccellent Solutions hosted PLM solutions not only keep you running, we help keep you running at the highest of levels. We know PLM systems and we also know Engineering, Manufacturing, IIoT, Quality Control and every aspect of the Product Development Process. Our hosted solutions are dedicated servers that are securely managed and only accessible to your users.

5. Are Windchill system updates and upgrades included in your Managed Services packages?

Windchill updates are covered as part of your support contract while upgrades are offered as an add-on to support contract tiers and offered separately as well.

6. How much does a Managed Services package cost?

We offer a number of different tiers of support contracts in order to accommodate your specific support needs.  These range from tier 1 through tier 4. You can learn more about our Managed Services packages here.

7. Why do I need regular maintenance on my Windchill system?

Due to the robust functionality delivered by Windchill, it does require routine maintenance to keep it running.  Since there are so many vast functions performed by Windchill such as publishing, workflows, version management, replication, etc. it requires monitoring and maintenance to have it performing optimally.  There can be various causes of these issues such as a corrupt model, missing attribute field, lost internet connectivity, etc. and we monitor all of it.  Issues that may have taken days, weeks or even months to become aware of in the past are now resolved proactively due to our team keeping a constant eye on it.   This keeps your workday moving along without ever missing a beat.  Employees are focused on their jobs and not left wondering what happened.

8. What are other ways Eccellent can help us?

We help to perform proactive maintenance and monitoring via our custom Windchill and system monitoring tools.  Our custom solution, called PMAX, actively monitors the health of all your Windchill functionality and alerts you of issues without end users ever knowing there ever was a problem, i.e., monitoring workflows, publishing, replication, disk space and RAM usage.  This allows us to address issues as they arise rather than waiting on a client to alert us of the problem.  Client labor hours can then be allocated where they are supposed to be, which is supporting your product line.

Learn more about our Managed Services here

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