System Administration Fact 3: They have special capabilities

Your System Administration capabilities are specialized.

But not necessarily in a good way. Five things cause this: System Administration Fact 4, Fact 5, Fact 6, Fact 7, and Evolution.

Twenty years ago the number of business functions covered by an ERP system was about five –all of them finance.

Today enterprise software platforms, networks, and hardware systems are much more expansive, sophisticated, and diverse. For example, ERP covers more of the original functionality, plus PDM, ECM, MES, CRM, SLM, HR, etc. If you don’t recognize most of these acronyms, you’re proving my point.

Now apply that evolution to the network, and the Cloud – which arguably didn’t even exist 20 years ago!

Furthermore proper system management, maintenance, and enhancement requires increasingly specialized attention to properly cover each pillar of the IT platform.

With specialization comes focus;

with focus, concentration;

with concentration, separation;

with separation, dis-aggregation;

with dis-aggregation, fragmentation.

As a result, the right hand doesn’t know what its own fingers are doing, let alone the left hand. The System Administration organization has become a bunch of good players, but not a great team. However, just a couple of years in any one role… ain’t gonna cut it.

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