System Administrator Fact 1: You run on IT

System Administrator Fact 1: “Your Business Runs on IT.” When you manage your company’s own information super highway you carry the cost of infrastructure support. If the pavement is fresh and new it’s all about smooth sailing. It’s a Productivity Zone! You forget how fast you’re going because you’re testing how fast you can go! It’s fun! Information Technology is an enabler of your success, and the sky’s the limit!

But, when you’ve been around awhile and IT becomes something of an afterthought. Fragmentation and specialization serve up a bumpy ride; a less than pleasant user experience from point A to point B. In fact, the road can be a bigger obstacle than avenue to productivity and competitive advantage.

From a risk management standpoint, it can be downright dangerous!

So for IT it’s pretty much a given: whether your business is small or enterprise level, some-one has to manage your data highway and technology footprint (hardware, software, network, etc.) to make sure it’s operating effectively. That’s your System Administrator(s).

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