System Administration – 7 Investments

What’s happening to System Administration?!

7 Reasons you should invest in Sys Admin (and some you don’t…)

Enterprise System Administration capabilities and responsibilities are fragmenting at a rapid rate.  As a result, they’re literally growing apart. With advances in Information Technology capabilities, plus more specialization is required for IT performance and service support. It’s hard enough to manage the simultaneous, asynchronous growth and support requirements of your central infrastructure requirements, but add to that edge computing support with its highly differentiated user-base driven by the BYOD (bring your own device) universe and app-support expectations, and it’s pretty much “Crazy Town”.

Support needs broaden and narrow at the same time as your operations expand, compartmentalize, and specialize. Similarly, exercising general consistency and control across your technology support operations for the resources you have is more and more difficult. That means there is increasingly less budget. It’s evolution; it is growth.

And while your System Administration needs are increasing, the availability of talent is disbursing. This is the problem. Check out our 7 facts to help you understand why you need to invest in Sys Admin, and possibly NOT in ways that you thought would be best.  So where do you put your priorities? We can help with that.

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